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Excellence Solutions Group is a modern Employment Agency specializing in recruiting employees from abroad to Bulgaria.

Cooperation with Excellence Solutions Group is the comfort of having a professional who will not only provide candidates for the proper functioning of the business, but also will lead the process of legalizing their work so that the employer obtains all necessary documents without undue delay.

Our reliability in the approach to employers and candidates resulted in establishing cooperation with the Agency for Migration and Income at the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Uzbekistan confirmed by this certificate.

Thanks to our great professional know-how in the industry, we guarantee you services at the highest level. Our co-workers participate in the process of collecting necessary information and documents from applicants, completing visa applications, monitoring the process of obtaining the necessary documents by the candidate and maintaining pernament contact with future employees.

The outflow of Bulgarian employees to Western labor markets resulting in a shortage of human resources on the local market has contributed to the increased demand of thousands of companies for alternative sources of recruitment.

Why should you choose workers from the east?


Many employers ask themselves this question, but not everyone knows that staff from the CIS and the Far East are already becoming one of the key factors determining the competitiveness of enterprises in such industries as agriculture, construction, heavy industry, industrial production or transport.


For hiring an employee from, for example, Uzbekistan, there is no language barrier (Russian language), similar mentality and high motivation to work. For many foreigners, work in Bulgaria gives opportunities for development and improvement of living conditions. Employment of people from the East also means attractive remuneration rates, based on which it is difficult to find professionals with similar qualifications on the local labor market.

Thanks to the network of partners in Eastern Europe and Asia, we have extensive facilities to provide you with qualified staff on favorable terms. Our international team of experts in the field of foreign employment is at your permanent disposal. We strive to make the cooperation with Excellence Solutions Group as comfortable as possible for you. Our commitment to the recruitment process determines the comfort of cooperation. We treat each of our clients individually, as well as the candidates we recruit for you. Hence the uniqueness and precision of our activities - tailored to your needs.